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October 04, 2010


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Jenny N

Hello Jennifer...nice to see you back on the blog front and thank you so much for your visit to my blog and your sweet comment. Now, would a space heater help you instead of the high cost of a dryer. Where do you hang your laundry? I do have to say I remember our adventures drying clothes(nearly sopping wet clothes) at the gite we stayed in, in the Loire Valley area. Thankfully we had two fans at the house that we blasted on high and yet we only got our clothes dry enought when we left the gite to have just "damp" clothes for a couple of days. It is a bummer I am sure. I hope you are doing well. How's the weather?

Jennifer K

Hi Jenny N,
I hang my clothes either in the bathroom or near one of the heaters (I don't have central heating, just some radiators). I don't want to buy a dryer, so I'm thinking in the wintertime I could find a laundrymat and just wash and dry my towels there. Other laundry is usually OK to air dry here. I just hate going to laundrymats though!
I didn't realize that you had stayed in a gite in the Loire Valley. Probably you wrote about it and I missed it.
It's been rainy here but not too bad. It's definitely getting colder. Hope you are well too.


I have a washing machine--IN MY APARTMENT!--for the first time in my life. I'm thrilled. Not so thrilling is ducking beneath drying underpants, mismatched socks, and towels to get from the kitchen to the bedroom. But I'll bet you'll agree: it sure beats schlepping to the laverie!

Jennifer K

Hi Aurelia! I'm the World's Worst Blogger, and didn't even see your comment until now! This is the first time I've ever had a washing machine too, and I'm getting totally spoiled. The sight of damp underpants hanging from every surface isn't very sexy though, and neither is waiting 3 days for them to dry!

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