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September 18, 2010


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Hi Jennifer,
I am so pleased to have you back in Paris.
Yes, we learn so much about ourselves and other people when a loved one dies. And yes,there are also sometimes little secrets that we sometimes must face.
I always say that a person is not truly an adult until one loses a parent.I sincerely think so, because we become the caregivers when it was before the opposite.

Wishing you courage and letting you know that I am here.

Hugs x


hello Jennifer ... I am not sure what to say, but it is something we all have to face, at whatever age. I lost my dad when I was 10, not sure I became an adult then. And it was a long long time ago. Never really understood what was going on, and haven't stopped missing him.. a big void in my life.

Sending you prayers and hugs, take care .. Love Anne xx


Funny about the Catholics not being Christians .. The Catholic Church is the worlds largest Christian church .. !

Jennifer K

Barbara: Thank you so much. I definitely think grief matures a person and makes one more compassionate. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Anne: Thank you for your comment and for also leaving one at my dad's obituary page. I'm sorry about your dad. I think it must be so much harder to lose a parent when one is a child. At least I was an adult when I lost both of mine.
I thought it was funny when that Christian supply store didn't have rosaries! It's a big store, too.

Jenny N

Jennifer I am glad you made it safely back to French soil. I haven't yet been able to log on to your dad's obituary page our signal seems to be better tonight so I will try again. Sorry for the hard lessons but they do come, don't they. I hope you are okay and that being back to your home is a comfort. Love and hugs to you, Jenny

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