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July 15, 2010


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Hi Jennifer .. we had such a fabulous day :-) Isn't that the day you met Barbara for the first time, waiting on the bench..!!!

I am a bad blogger too, still got to do my post, and few others .. but all the more interesting when they suddenly appear. I never knew about that photo, or maybe I just forgot :-)

So great seeing you all again, lets hope its not too long before I come back over :-) take care xx

Jennifer K

Hey, I thought you were in bed!
You are SUCH a better blogger than I am. I go weeks without updating.
It was the first time I met Barbara. I wanted to link to her blog but I couldn't remember the name of her blog (I know, I'm a bad blogger and a bad friend hehe).
I tried a different photo collage system but the resolution isn't good. I wish the photos were clearer.
Hope you feel better soon!

Jenny N

Bad, bad, blogger! so says the blogger that just blogged about her last lovely vacation day FROM AUGUST 2009 in July 2010....I am badder. he he. Wow this park is one I have to see for myself...ahhh...one day, Lord willing. We are in a bit of a financial bind these days...jobs are fine but with hubby's foot situation, car breaking down, volleyball camp, band uniforms, washer leaking, and other repairs I am glad that we hadn't put our hopes into splurging on a big trip this summer. But most definitely with the Lord's help we are well taken care of. I will just enjoy my favorite far off spots through you, Anne, Elizabeth in Cornwall. I am thankful to know such kind bloggers like yourself that offer a bit of a sweet thoughtful escape. And Mexican food on Bastille Day...uh, excuse me the 14th of July, that's doin' it right. Enjoy your celebration and report back....whenever you can.

Jennifer K

Hi Jenny N: I know what you mean. Money is tight here too. In fact, I almost cancelled my trip to Ireland because of that. Work was pretty slow at the end of last year, and is picking up now, but I'm trying to make up for lost time.
I love Mexican food -- couldn't get enough when I was in California in October.
So I'm curious -- given my obsession with Ireland, did you think Dublin was dirty?

Jenny N

No, I don't think it was dirty any more than any other big city. My mother in law was just extra sensitive to the cultural differences (maybe emphasizing the negative a little bit by the end of our trip, because while in London she had plenty of complaints until we took her to a dainty and lovely tea time at The Orangery). I would go back to Ireland in a heartbeat...now I just gotta win the Lotto, rub the genie bottle or find a pot o' gold. I do have to snap out of this though, until our last two years of fab trips I never imagined we could afford it and God so lovingly provided. But next on our hopeful travel list are Germany, Austria, and Italy...places none of us has ever been.

Jennifer K

Hi Jenny N. Oh, good. My Ireland obsession has gotten to the point where I take it personally if anyone criticizes Dublin. I know--I'm CRAZY! It must be so expensive to take the family on vacation. It's expensive for me and I'm just paying my own way!
Last year I went to Italy for the first time (just Rome). My favorite place was the Vatican, especially the Sistine Chapel. The only place I've been to in Germany is Munich, and I was only there two nights. I've been to Vienna and loved it. I especially loved how it's considered normal to have cake and coffee in the afternoon!

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