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June 17, 2010


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Good one Jennifer.. :-) xx

Jenny N

I would think this would happen to you lots with being an immersed American working everyday translating French to English (right?). funny.

Jennifer K

Hi Anne, I know, duh!

Jenny N: yes, it happens more and more. It's easy to start making spelling mistakes in English because many English and French words have similar spellings, like "address" versus "adresse."


Too funny!!! You're a riot Jennifer!!! Maybe your spell check is "stuffed!" Hehehe!
My problem is that I can't spell in English that well anymore... Granted the words I spell wrong aren't easy words but I have to go to Google to do a search of the correct spelling.. Hehehe!

Jennifer K

Hi Leesa, I know what you mean...I think my English spelling will get worse and worse the longer I stay here!!!

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