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May 11, 2010


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I understand totally .. I think this woman needs to read more blogs than worry about travelling business class...

Hope you enjoyed your Chocolat Chaud ..!

Jennifer K

Hi Anne, thanks for commenting! I loved the chocolat chaud and can't wait to go back. Since it seems like we have gone back to winter here, it's the perfect weather for it.


When you say the American Church.... what sort of denomination is that? I'm curious.

Jenny N

Yucks on the superficial chit chat. That's the tough stuff in trying to find a nice cozy likeminded group of people, you have to deal with the times when there is a bad fit. I am much more the "let's have a chocolat chaud at Angelina's"...I wish. But i know what you mean too about getting brought low in the mire of yourself and then coming across an astounding personal journey like Eva's (heartbreaking and inspiring) and yep, you said it, it is a kick in the butt. 65 hours..wow. I hope spring brightens once again for encouragement.

Jennifer K

Maroutwest: it's an interdenominational Christian church with 35+ Christian denominations represented. I have never gone to any of their religious services though; I've only participated in some of their social groups because I'm always looking to meet new people.


Jenny N: I know... I've had better luck making friends through bloggers than through this group, but I might still join in on some of their programs if they sound fun.
65 hours was crazy and no fun!


Hey Jennifer...

You know.. I have to go HMMMMM... it's a bit diff. for "us," isn't it.. I mean - ex pat wives who "don't have to work" - actually, they're legally "not allowed" to work- b/c their cds is does not authorized it and I think that from talking to enough expats who live in Paris and whose hubbies work- the salary is pretty darn good (much higher than their French colleague in the same position.. that a single salary can cover the couple, and even a kid or two..
Plus, their rent is paid for, insurance, moving costs - to and from and plane tickets.. Sounds pretty "cush" doesn't it... That's for a "regular" person-- not counting the ones who you met whose hubbies are in the oil biz..
Never met any really "rich" expats - they're mostly upper middle class and the men work long hours and work hard...
It must be rough to not have to travel economy class, huh? While I'm calculating my expenses to get a seat on the darn plane.. hahaha!!!
I met a really nice group of gals- a little over two years ago- at a coffee club morning- which are arranged by the A.C. and that day-- very fortunately for me.. I met a great group of gals-- of which 5 of them, I have stayed very close and 3 or 4 others -whom I am in regular contact...
I might recommend that, that's pretty fun.. I can send you the info as I get emails for them monthly...
Hey... When the weather gets nice... I'd like to organize some picnics in Paris and more specifically, a get together in the parc Buttes Chaumont - Most likely on a Sunday ... or maybe on a weekday... on a Friday..
I'll keep you posted...
Have a great weekend...

Jennifer K

Hi Leesa, thanks so much for your blog post and your comment on my blog! Everyone I've met through the American Church has been nice, except that one woman. And she was just annoying. Like I mentioned, normally it wouldn't have bothered me at all, but I think I was tired or stressed out that day. I'll try one of those coffee groups sometime; I think I've seen them publicized. Those picnics sound great, thanks for keeping me in the loop!


I will come back later and read more about your stay in Paris; Leesa recommended your blog on hers.

Jennifer K

Hi Nadege, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!


I am coming from Leesa’s News From France to visit your blog. I understand about rich American women trying to show off. I have met some on my travels. I think it is a kind of inferiority feeling. After looking at all the cultural sites in other areas out of the US they need to emphasize that they are still top, and in the US that usually means money. I knew a woman who could not talk without saying “my $800,000 home” or “my Arabian horses” etc. But I guess there are this sort of people everywhere. I liked to hear about your chocolate at Café Angelina as I wished to go there last November when I was in Paris, but did not make it. Je compatie à votre tristesse de perdre une amie bloggeuse. Moi-même je lisais Caroline’s Cinderalla Cancer Blog, un anglaise qui vivait en France; elle est morte dimanche matin – c’est tellement triste.

Jenny N

Hey there Jennifer! Just checking in and hoping your not under the pile of work too much to enjoy what I imagine is a lovely time of year in your part of the world. Where is that much need vacay? Hope your are doing well and having a lovely weekend.

Jennifer K

Dear Vagabonde, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I agree with you that that there are people who have to show off everywhere; the really annoying woman at this lunch was actually British, not American. I stopped by Caroline's cancer blog after reading your comment. What a lovely woman. That is so sad because she looked quite young to pass away.

Jennifer K

Hey Jenny N. Thanks for checking in! Actually, I just got back a few hours ago from a one-week vacation in Ireland. It was sooo much fun. Everyone there looks like they could be an aunt or uncle of mine. We took a tour around the coastline and I'm pretty tired now, but it was great. Hope you're doing well now too.


Hi Jennifer so pleased you had a wonderful time .. Can't wait to see your photos and read about your trip :-) Take care hugs Anne

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