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April 08, 2010


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Jenny N

How interesting. Actually the one time I met Jewish Christians (and American at that) was in Paris. And I am sure the English translation would have worked perfectly for them. Glad you got out for a friendly refreshment. I don't understand what you were translating in its English form...so that must truly throw you into some involving French.

Jennifer K

Hi Jenny N, I wasn't clear so I reworded it. I feel so sorry for the bunnies you mentioned on your blog, glad you "took care of" the rattlesnake. Yuck, I hate those things!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jennifer! Sorry to hear that you have to postpone your birthday dinner, but I am glad you made it to an Easter brunch with nice dessert instead :) We did not go to "Pâque juive" at our friend's house this year, so I am craving for matzo ball soup...

Jennifer K

Hi Hilo, thanks for the birthday wishes! Hope you get some matzo ball soup soon LOL!

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