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February 20, 2010


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Jenny N

Hello Jennifer! I know I would be having to be very proactive in another country, especially Paris because I couldn't keep huddled in too long. I am thinking you might be a big help to bolster the ladies you met. And as to you living in Paris..maybe it is too nosey...butI take it since you've been "bothering the French" for more than a year that you intend to stay a while longer in fair Pah-ree? Just wondering.


Hi Jennifer... It would be great if my husband could transfer to Paris :-) of course I would find it hard to converse in French or to do things mundane like French cheques, but I would try my hardest. When I met you it was only my second time there, and I had not been to France for such a long time either, but I was learning as the days went by.

I think the ladies are lucky to have met you, you will be a great help to them.

Jennifer K

Hi Jenny N and Anne, awwww you two are so sweet! Thanks. Anne, I noticed you were picking up a lot of French and I can see you fitting in just fine here!

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