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February 07, 2010


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A great soup, think I will give this one a try..we have eaten so many lentils lately, good for you anyway.!! I also have made more soups than before..healthy. We do not like pureed soups, we like ours with a bit of chunkieness to them so just use a Potato masher to lump it.

Jenny N

Alas...I cannot get near a squash or bean recipe unless I am ready to chow down all by my lonesome. Those two items are at the top of my family's "Will never ever eat willingly" list. And even tho' you are correct that lentil soup is not photogenic it still looks hearty, brothy and good. Enjoy it for me. What is the pic of at the bottom of the post?

Jennifer K

Hi Anne, I like my soups chunky too. I thought this apartment would have a potato masher, but couldn't find anything to mash it here or in the supermarket. Oh well, it was still good!

Hi Jenny N, I know I hated squash when I was a kid but I'm not sure how I felt about beans or lentils. I remember you said you make Tex-Mex (my favorite!) food, do your kids still refuse to eat beans prepared that way? The pic at the bottom is of G. Détou, the bulk baking goods shop I went to before Christmas when it was packed wall to wall!

Jenny N

They eat NO beans! I have an awesome recipe I found and fiddled with for Tex-Mex eggrolls that we all love and yes, I try to sneak in a few black beans....But just this last time I made it, my oldest Anna, who is usually game for some changes said, "Jenny, are the beans really necessary?" So next time no beans. Goodness.

Jennifer K

Jenny: Bummer. I love beans now, like in bean burritos, but I think I didn't really start to like them until I became an adult. I miss burritos :-( Tex-Mex eggrolls sound good!

Jenny N

Hello again Jennifer! I wanted to present/inform/warn you that I passed an award on to you for a Best Blog Award. I do love Paris and have enjoyed your perspective and love of Paris. A nice new blog buddy passed it to me and I gladly pass on the bloggy love though I realize the "awards" may be a sensitive subject for some bloggers. I hope it is not any kind of infringement. Let me know if there are any concerns. Cheers!

Jenny N

Duh. The award is on my blog, just posted (2/9/10)today.

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